My life story (in 300 words or less)

I'm Britton Kristene Perelman. Writer, observer, storyteller. 

I grew up in Morrow, Ohio, a small town 30 minutes outside Cincinnati. There are cornfields and winding back roads and it feels like the middle of nowhere. It's the place that made me who I am, but I always knew I wouldn't stay. 

I went to college at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. It was red-bricks and happiness and I loved every minute. My years there made me realize what I'm really passionate about is storytelling and entertainment. I graduated in May 2016 with a degree in Journalism and Media & Culture. 

After graduation, I spent three months criss-crossing Europe to make my narrative travel podcast. Then I headed to New York City for an editorial and social media internship with Passion Passport. Now I'm on the opposite side of the country, living in Los Angeles and figuring out how this whole adulthood thing works. 

I love obsessively — movies, books, TV shows, ideas, songs, musicals, characters, people, places, dogs, you name it. My family is sort of like a cult, and they are everything. I could add "can easily find minuscule seashells on any beach" to my resume and prefer my dog's company to that of most humans. My sister says I'm only funny once a week, but I think I'm hilarious all the time and that's what really matters. 

"If this isn't nice, what is?" 

Let's chat. I'm happy you're here. 

Updated: November 7, 2017 in Los Angeles, California