About The Podcast


Modeled after the podcast greats, The Road I Travel uses narrative storytelling to bring cities around the world to life. It's travel journalism, but not in the way you're probably expecting.

Instead of Top 10 lists and hotel recommendations, The Road I Travel epitomizes something else — honest, real depictions about what it's like to travel and experience different places. Those depictions take many shapes — short, slice of life features; musings about the nature of travel; quick conversations; or personal observational stories. And they'll delve into some deeper questions, too. Is there really any difference between a traveler and a tourist? What happens when expectations and reality don't match up? And, why do we travel, anyway? 

Paul Bowles once said, "What is a travel book? For me it is the story of what happened to one person, in a particular place, and nothing more than that." The Road I Travel may be a podcast, not a book, but host Britton Perelman seeks to capture the essence of Bowles' description.  

The Road I Travel sees our host spend a summer in Europe. Much like the backpackers before her, Britton zig-zags the continent, taking you along for the ride. Each episode takes you somewhere new — the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland, the watery canals of Venice, the bright coast of Croatia.   

With narrative storytelling techniques that will satisfy any fellow traveler or armchair traveler, The Road I Travel seeks to bring a whole new experience to the world of audio podcasts.  

Ditch your guidebook.  

Where we're going, you won't need it. 

Britton Perelman