Two Striking Italian Destinations: Como & Capri

Originally published on Passion Passport on January 4, 2018

Como and Capri: two places in the same country that couldn’t be more different.

Lisa Weatherbee had already visited Lake Como and fallen in love, so it was added to the itinerary for further exploration. Capri was chosen as the second destination as a striking contrast to the first.

Como was vast and beautiful. Lisa thinks of misty hills, winding stone paths, the smell of rain and woodsmoke, and deep shades of green.


Then they went south on a train.

Capri was colorful and glamorous. Lisa remembers the sunshine, striped awnings, bright fishing boats, aperol and gelato, and rocky beaches.

They picnicked on those beaches, swam in the sea, and sipped local beer. They slept in, took their time, and took in every sunset from their terrace.

Como and Capri.

There was a moment when they huddled under one umbrella, waiting for a bus that almost never came, and another the night they pulled their mattresses into the same room because of a thunderstorm. There were many moments, actually, all comprised of the blue of the water, the winding cobblestone streets, and the rustic pastas in Cernobbio. And there was plenty of broken Italian, but lots of smiles, and even more photos.

Now, she is left with the reminiscent feeling of exploring with two people she loves. There are beautiful memories from beautiful places.