A Chimney Sweep's World

“‘Tween pavement and stars is a chimney sweep’s world.”


I had the pleasure of watching my younger brother perform in his final two high school shows this weekend. In typical Matthew fashion, he kept a lot of things about his role secret — including the fact that he’d been practicing tap dancing for one number. Not even practically perfect Mary Poppins could outshine this chimney sweep. He stole the show.

The rest of my family got teary-eyed while watching him, but for some reason, I didn’t. When we were growing up, I used to worry about everything involving my little brother — and I mean everything. But when I saw him on the stage this time, all my grown up worries about his future faded away. I just knew that he’ll be fine. Dreams are made of strong elastic, and he’ll have no problem chasing his.

Now I just need to shake his hand again so that some of his chimney sweep luck rubs off on me.